A few weeks ago, the Photocopy Club and Brighton Fashion Week have come together at Create Studios to present a selection of fashion editorials by photographers from the UK and the US.

The Photocopy Club is a Brighton-based bi-monthly exhibition founded by Matt Martin.The concept was to create a platform for contemporary photography which makes art accessible and affordable to everyone. Since its launch in November 2011 it has attracted attention from just about every corner of the world and received submissions from places including Russia, Australia, Canada and America.

As a change to the normal submission, the photographers have been asked to produce images specifically for this one off show. This time, the Photocopy Club has had the honour to showcase some stunning work of  Valerie Philipps, who has photographed icons such as Kim Gordon, Amy Winehouse and Scarlett Johansson and produced work for commercial clients such as Nike, Dr. Martens and Urban Outfitters. Valerie Philipps launched a brand-new, unseen row of photographs at the Photocopy Club yesterday which attracted (well deserved!) a lot of viewers and attention.


The show also featured work by:
Valerie Phillips
Kenny McCracken
Alex Wein
Kevin Mason
Natasha Bidgood
Lara Alegre
Francesca Allen
Daniel Evens & Brendan Baker
Sam Hiscox
Eleni Mettiyear
Sam Clifford-Harding
Paul Vickery

All the prints were on sale for as little as £4 with all the proceeds helping the Photocopy Club to release a book of their best submissions so far. “With art becoming increasingly only affordable by the rich, photocopying seemed like the obvious medium to turn this on its head,” explained Martin. “It’s about allowing people to own art again.”

The future is looking more than good for the Photocopy Club. In October they will release a book which features the best work and the exhibition layouts of the first six shows. Matt has also been asked to put up shows in various towns all over the UK and even to showcase in San Francisco.


All photos by:
Manon Pauffin