Today is one of these days.
You wake up, there's no sunlight in the room, the horrible smell of a Brighton-student flat kills any intention of having a lovely breakfast and the beige colour of your carpet, walls and furniture bores you so much that you want to go straight back to bed under your blanket.

If we weren't so obsessed with appearing as sensible adults and having a mature taste, I am convinced that our flat would look a bit more like this:



Maybe it's the child in me that wants one of these tacky little ornaments filling every gap and covering any surface of my little flat.


Our guests would come round to play "The pie face" game rather than some banal drinking game.


And we would listen to this album...

whilst dressing up our little pet.

Unfortunately we do feel a strong urge to be accepted as sane people so we leave our flat as it is and only secretly eat food that is shaped like Darth Vaders head.