Paula Alicia Studeli - Alic Deli

Boxing. Body awareness. Bodywork. Shaping the body. Show an attitude. Consciously striding. Strength and grace. Second skin. Generous cuts. Movement in the clothing. Tension. Ease. A new elegance.

Paula Alicia Studeli, a Swiss fashion designer, is inspired by the sport of boxing and sprezzatura, a Renaissance term describing the ability to make physical exertion appear effortless by controlling facial mimicry.


During her time at university, Paula used to take boxing-classes twice a week, which has become her main inspiration for her collection "ROUND 2". "The intense footwork which is consistent with the clear and direct movements felt almost like a kind of box-dance." Values such as generosity and precisionplay an important role in her collection. "I am interested in the counterparts of the clothing, which together, build a dance defined by conscious movements and rhytmic shuffling.




The elegant clothing has (in a figurative sense) the power to protect and strengthen the wearer. ALICDELI women want more power and grace.

My target group is not determined by age but by their mental and physical attitude.

Women who wear Alic Deli stride through life, they don't drag their feet!

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