Joe Goode, a Northbrook College graduate with high ambitions and a huge dedication is launching his brand new collection at this week's BFW-Zeitgeist show. I had the pleasure to find out more about Joe, his  ambitions and what to expect from his never-before-seen collection.


After graduating, Joe gained some great insight into the straining and competitive fashion world during his work experience at Full Circle (fashion house) and his time working with and for Jane Bowler. In this time he has learnt to defeat the levels of pressure involved in this industry and feels now ready to spread his wings and set up his own brand. Joe Goode is planning to particularly focus upon high-end design and is always prepared and willing to push the boundaries of the fashion world. With such an ambitious and eager spirit I have no doubt that in the near future we will be able to purchase our own Joe-Goode-designs in his very own store.

During his BA Honours degree in Fashion design, Joe mainly focused on menswear design and the ways in which fashion for men has explored and impelled the boundaries. His previous collection "Symbolics skin deep collection" was inspired by African body art and modification; in particular the use of skin scarring, body painting, and the reformed body among African tribes based in Southern Sudan, Africa. He also looked at traditional African dress and the ways in which this contributed to the "making up" of identities. He narrowed his focus to the study of masculine fashion trends; this is shown throughout his colour pallet, shapes and silhouettes.


The resourceful mix between the African body modification and casual tailoring creates an effortlessly cool feel that could definitely appeal to a vast amount of young people.


Despite the success of his first menswear collection Joe will be showcasing 7 womenswear designs at Brighton Fashion Week. He feels too restricted within the menswear branch. Women are much more likely to push the boundaries and especially in a time where the fashion world is ruled by icons such as Nicki Minaj he is able to utilise the full potential of his imaginative designs. The silhouettes and shapes of his garments are strongly influenced by Tinie Tempah, Jessie J and by the queen of the exceptional and flamboyant looks, - Lady Gaga.


Joe Goode is increasingly attracted to detail and shows this more than clearly in his wonderful embellishments and bead works. He is well known for his unique and highly complex techniques which he mostly taught himself. Some of the beaded imagery of faces takes him up to 6 weeks to do as he hand makes all of his designs and puts a lot of dedication into every single garment. But all the hours and sleepless nights are worth it then Joe always finishes his work to an exceedingly high standard.

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