Sunday, 24 June 2012

Charles of London

Original, provocative, forward thinking and prevalent. Charles of London are kicking down the doors of convention. Injecting humour, horror and honesty.


Susan Mihalski and Mark Charles are the dynamic design duo behind the label "Charles of London". When Susan and Mark realised that the streets of London could not offer them anything that catches their attention, they decided to  shake things up a bit on the high street. Not much time passed until their designs got a lot of attention by the famous London "fashionistas" and everyone wanted to know where to get their own Charles of London garment.


Having found a market niche, they continuously gain followers and fans thanks to whom, their designs and ideas are spreading like a virus all around the world. You can find Charles of London designs in shops all around the globe. From New York to Berlin, Milan, Hong Kong and Australia, everyone wants a piece of the highly original designs.
No wonder looking at their designs can easily be confused with an LSD flashback then the couple draws inspiration from all different kind of sources, such as the legendary David Bowie, experimental punk bands like "the Plasmatics" or "the Cramps", Lurid dreams and Future Premonitions.


"Inspiration comes from the desire to provoke a reaction, to remain a step ahead of the game and the gratification of throwing a two finger salute to the high street."


The designer duo hopes to start setting up a small chain of Charles of London stores in a few years time. We all can get excited about this, then Charles of London's designs have no age restriction, they're suitable for any "individualists, queue pushers, electro glam-punk stained attention seekers and aliens."
And it gets even better: - All designs are conceived, sourced and produced in the UK.

But remember. . . being cheap comes at a price!

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