Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Please don't mind the gap!

In 2008 fashion designer David Delfin asked an orthodontist to insert a bracket to open a space between his front teeth. The bracket is a metaphor for the separation of his father who died the same year, explained Delfin.

And it seems like Mr. Delfin was ahead of the fashion curve.

Lara Stone is officially a supermodel. Lindsey Wixson is the face of everything and Georgia Jagger is inescapable. It's fair to say that gap-toothed girls are having a moment.

But this latest idea of beauty isn't actually that new. In many African cultures, gap teeth were always considered as a sign of beauty and wisdom. In France they call it "les dents du bonheur" (teeth of happiness) and in the 14th century a gap between your teeth was considered as a symbol of lustfulness as told in The Wife of Bath's Tale from "The Canterbury Tales" by Geoffrey Chaucer.

But also in our generation it's no new trend. Lauren Hutton, Alek Wek and Vanessa Paradis have ruled the world with their "imperfect" smile many years ago.


But what are the reasons for this unusual trend? Stefano Tonchi, editor-in-chief of W magazine, explains:

"It's a love for the imperfect, and the authentic," says Stefano Tonchi, editor-in-chief of W magazine. "These are values that are more and more important for younger generations. Originality, authenticity…in a world that is more and more digitally enhanced."
We love the natural and eye-catching look but do not agree with the advise of Tyra Banks to one of her contestants of "America's next topmodel to shave a gap into her teeth to increase her chances.

The popularity of models such as Jessica Hart, Ashley Smith and Lindsey Wixson caused a big increase of the demand for orthodontic procedures. Models widen their brackets for better chances on the market.

Surely that's the opposite of what this trend is meant to demonstrate, a positive body image and the importance of accepting one's natural look.

But, experts do believe our new interest in the diastema represents a backlash against unattainable beauty standards and an obsession with perfection.

"I think for so long the look was cookie-cutter beauty, and it doesn't stand out," says Heather Muir, beauty news editor for Allure magazine in New York.

"We're shifting to a more quirky beauty, and I think that includes women who have very fair skin, many freckles, or frizzy, big hair."
Now is the time to let whatever is interesting about your look shine through. Embrace it!

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Friday, 6 April 2012


I have a girl-crush.
Not quite, but I'm aboslutely in love with her fabulous looks, her beautiful hair and just everything about her.
Make up your own mind by checking out her lookbook-profile.

Chicwish, Jenni Button

Vintage Vices, Vintage Vices

Www.Sheinside.Com, Www.Sheinside.Com

Tfnc London, Les Jumelles, Da Sein, Tfnc London

Thursday, 5 April 2012

My new shirt.

I am absolutely in love with that shirt (that's why I simply had to buy it straight away) and with this wonderful lady's blog :

You can also follow her on lookbook and admire a new look every week:

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

DIY - Chained Collar tips

After spending hours of researching these wonderful collar tips (see last post) I stumbled over this genious DIY-post from Taylor & Demolish.

This alternative version to the traditional western collar tips is just beautiful and so easy to do yourself.

What you need:
-2 charms (with flat backs)
-2 feet of thin chains
-2 earring posts
-2 earring baks

1. Glue your charms to the earrings posts and let dry completely. Make sure you're using glue that will adhere to metal.

2. Using your pliers, break off two sections of chain - one that is 7 inches long and one that is 9 inches long.

3. Slip both chains onto the hook of each charm post. Glue the chain to the post. Let dry completely.

And voilĂ !

Hot TIPS - Collar tips

When Balenciage introduced a modern version of the traditional western collar tips in their spring 2011 collection, I knew immediately that this was a trend to stay around. 
And I was right.
Showing off your collar-tips has never been so hot before as right now, the trend has lived and grown throughout the whole of 2011 and is still not planning to get off the hot-fashion-trends-list that soon.                                
Never before it was so easy to brighten up a simple button-up shirt with something as small as two little metal corners. Since the first appearance of my little heroes (Yes, I'm totally in love with all of them), many desingers, fashionistas and high-street chains have developed and published their own versions and interpretation of the collar tips.    


If you don't have money to splash out on fancy shirt collars, then just follow this wonderful DIY-ideafrom and you will be surprised how inexpensive brass corners from a hardware store can transform your boring button-up shirt into a fashionable eye-catcher.            

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