Monday, 12 November 2012

Age of Reason

Distressed Union Jacks, wide-eyed pugs with mohawks and bondage Russian dolls, Age of Reason are definitely attention catching.

Age of reason is a British scarf-design label that combines silk with punk and a sense of surprise in the design.
Some of the ultra-feminine silk chiffon scarves also have a  little naughty edge - what may look like a subtle pattern when worn draped around the neck actually turns out to be a bondage print of a raunchy Russian doll when unfolded.


I wanted to find out more about the label and their inspirations behind their designs:

What does the name "Age of Reason" represent?

Age of Reason represents a genesis in peoples approach to accessories; they want beauty quality and longevity from their pieces. The name Age of Reason refers to the historical period of Enlightenment, but we are interpreting it in a modern way. There is a lot of shipping iconography in books about the Age of Reason, because it was an age of discovery."

Who, what or where are your main inspirations derived from?

For inspiration we look to the streets of Britain; punk, cinema, literature and the way people dress on the street. Books are a big influence too. Rebellion is important to the vision. But it's not too serious- There's always a playful side.

Where does your punk-influence come from?

Everywhere. Brit punk is part of our heritage. I imagine a woman who personifies punk cool because she doesn't even try to be punk or cool.

What age group is your clothing aimed at?

"I design for anyone who has come of age in their personal style. Customers I know of range from 14 to 94. I think that quality and playfulness have a broad appeal. Scarves can be worn in ways to suit anyone of any age."

How do you feel that in an industry as competitive as fashion, you can stand out and compete?

"We are a Made in England label, which is a huge point of difference in an industry where British workmanship is prized and rare. All our work, from design to manufacturing is done in the UK. Keeping our immediate supply chain local and minimising "fashion miles" is one of our principle philosophies. There are not very many labels who do this."

What are your plans for the near future and where do you see yourself in 5 years?

"We hope to continue growing our stockists list but keep it very select and high quality. It would be great to supply boutiques overseas as we ship around the world through our website already, and interest is growing all the time. In 5 years it would have been good to have done LFW."

What can we expect from your autumn/winter collection ?

"It’s all about magic in the night. Owls go punk with tongue in cheek Mohawks and studded wings. Colourful magi  mushrooms evoke a dreamy vibe in clashing colours. It's fun, wild, rich, dark and wearable."

From little pocket hankies to scarfs to over-sized chiffon wraps - these 100% silk scarfs come in all different sizes, suitable for any occasion.

So check out  the Age of Reason - Shop to find your new favourite accessory for the coming winter!
Or for more regular updates of the development of Age of Reason, follow their blog.

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