Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Sorapol AW12 Launch - Iron Grip

Last Friday I was invited to Sorapol Chawaphatnakul's showcase of his AW12 Collection "Iron Grip".

The launch was held in "The Old Vic tunnels", a designated graffiti area, down in South London, famous for its appearance in Banksy's film "Exit through the Gift Shop".
Upon entering the damp smelling, raw brick tunnels, which have a dark feel about them, I knew that something impressive is awaiting us behind these raw brick walls.

Tunnel after tunnel became more damp, dark and mysterious, setting the perfect mood for the spectacular collection that was waiting to be presented.

Deep inside the tunnel was the runway, defined by a row of colour changing strip lights, casting strong shadows along the walls.

Whilst everyone was enjoying the free cocktails, I enjoyed the “anything-goes-vibe” that comes along with every show of Sorapol. Even though people may triggered a few heads to turn around, no one was surprised to see a fully crystallized head, a gimp-suit look or a head-to-toe-in-bright (very bright)-Neon-colours-outfit.

Everyone was delighted to see the charming Boy George, who enjoyed all the attention and compliments received, not only thanks to his Brighton orange hat.

The front row did not only include Boy George, also Jodie Harsh was buzzing to see the new collection.

The show started off with smoke creeping down the catwalk and deep war zone sounds rumbling through the tunnel. The flickering lights filled the air with tension and everyone waited ecstatically for the first look. The effects intensified and finally the shadow of the first model appeared on the draping curtain at the beginning of the runway.

With the first model, the music started, slow opera-like sounds blended with intense sounds of explosions and a deep bass.
“Iron Grip” was inspired by the typical Russian opposites,-“beauty and brutality” ,-from frozen Siberia to the excess splendour of St. Petersburg.

The hair, infused with a gold skull, a gas mask or decorated with a Russian helmet, screamed "Russian Revolution".

Sorapol managed to explore a stunning amount of aspects of Russia in this theatrical collection.

There was a strong undeniable influence of the Creative director Daniel Lismore, who is famous for his visionary styling. Together with the head designer, Sorapol Chawaphatnakul they created a sheer spectacle of a performance, one of the most promising and unique collections London has seen for a while!

Sorapol is definitely one to watch!

All photos by Tanja Stoecklin

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