Thursday, 1 March 2012

Get the Creep(er)s!

Creeper shoes are no news for the fashion industry, -these classic Underground styles have been stomping around for decades and have become established footwear for hot roddin rockers and pinball psychobillies everywhere.

Despite the fact that these shoes have been worn already by soldiers in the Second World War, the brothel creepers are mostly associated with the Teddy Boy Culture of the 1950's.

Creepers were well known for coming with a certain look, - draped jackets, drainpipe trousers, bolo ties, quiff and velvet clothing.


With Prada at the forefront of footwear revo lution, Creepers have found their way back on the streets and in our hearts.

Last Fall the catwalks were shaking under the clomping footsteps as designers finished off their looks with the big rubber-soled suede and leather shoes.


The creepers have drifted away from their masculine heritage and can now be found in a variety of colours and prints. From summer colours to the edgy graffiti-style version, which have been seen in Ashish's show, creepers can now match any outfit.

Aside from the aesthetic plus sides of owning your own, if you're looking to add a little extra height without the cost of comfort, brothel creepers are without a doubt the shoes for you.

As for me, I step away now (pardon the pun) to romp and stomp through the streets of Brighton with my new Brothel Creepers!

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