Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Mother's wardrobe

I left the country for a short holiday in Switzerland, where I'm staying with my mum. As much as I love being here, already after a few days I started to desperatly miss my wardrobe and all the different looks it offers. 
As I only took a little amount of clothes with me, I got bored of them already. When I was thinking about where to get a new outfit to hit the streets, an idea striked my mind: MOTHER'S WARDROBE. 
My mother grew up in the time, where all the clothes come from, which I adore. She's been wearing denim waistcoats, lace-up boots and bowler hats before I've even been born. 
So as soon as my mother left for work, I started browsing her immense collection of clothes...

denim dress and flower hat 

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