Tuesday, 22 November 2011

It's cold outside

Surprised by the sudden onset of winter (not everyone would agree that it's winter already, but I'm freezing!), I find myself wrapped in a sleeping bag on my couch and am not at all willing to leave this more than comfortable position. 

If I could choose I would definitely hibernate all winter rather than leave the house and risk losing a limb (no, I never exaggerate).

But as I'm not able to be without shopping for several months I decided to get myself some warm clothes, so that I can safely hit the streets again. 

Not knowing that many Brighton Vintage stores have an online shop, I was positively surprised that I can shop locally, even from my couch.

Let me show you my favourite discoveries!
Wooden Hill Vintage
Beautiful Vintage Fur Trim Coat - £80.00


Annie Sheepskin Jacket - £70.00



Beyond Retro
Not in Christmas mood yet? You will be with this cute 1990's jumper for only £15.00.



I absolutely love this gorgeous black 1990's Cardigan for £28.00 from Beyond retro. 


 Bobby Sox
Keep your ears warm with one of those adorable 1950's faux fur hats.

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