Friday, 11 November 2011

7 good reasons to love vintage fashion

1. Vintage is Unique
Have you ever found yourself on a party, realising that there's another girl wearing the same dress as you? With vintage you are spared these embarrassing moments because vintage is unique and one of a kind. the earlier days, clothes were produced in much smaller quantities than today. Added together to the fact that most of the items produced in this time are not around anymore today, the chance that someone owns the exact same piece as you is very small.

2. Affordability
A lot of people start shopping in charity shops and vintage stores, because used clothing is often cheaper than new clothing. Me myself started buying vintage because I've always loved a good bargain.The truth is, that vintage clothes can be very expensive and a lot of shops are overpriced these days. However, if you're willing to spend some time to shop around, dig through loads of old clothes in charity shops and haggle prices down on car-boot sales, then you definitely can get great deals on vintage clothing.

3. It has a unique smell
So I know I’m probably alone on this but I love the way Salvation Army stores and Oxfam smell. It’s intoxicating and gives me energy to go through racks after racks of clothes.

4. It’s environmentally friendly
We all are aware of the fact, that purchasing new clothes has a negative impact on our world - whether through the harmful emissions or the sweatshop labour.
When you buy vintage clothing you are RECYCLING.
So buying vintage is a way of doing something good for the environment AND looking good doing it.

5. Quality
If you wanna buy a high-quality item these days, you normally will have to dig deep into your pockets. As clothes used to be made to be more durable, vintage clothes often are made of great fabrics and can last for decades. If you take the time to look a bit closer at some vintage pieces, you will notice how much time was spent on details like buttons, stitching, flourishes and patterns. Vintage clothes were designed to last and to be passed on to the next generation, not to be worn for one season.

6..Vintage is an Investment
How many pieces of new clothing can you buy and expect them to keep their value? Unless you are spending a small fortune on haute couture, your clothes lose value the second you take the tag off of them. Not every vintage garment is collectable, but many are. There will never be more 1950's wiggle dresses, or 1970's high waisted Levi's bell bottoms made. Because they become harder and harder to find with time they become more valuable as they grow older. Vintage is money well spent!

7. Vintage has history
I love the fact that vintage clothing doesn't come straight from a factory overseas -  it has seen life already. If clothes could talk, your vintage wardrobe would tell you hundreds of stories of journeys and moments they've experienced. Imagining that my favourite 60's dress may have been worn to a Bob Dylan concert or to Woodstock Festival, makes me love it even more.
Now who said history isn't enjoyable?

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