Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Introducing "P.S. - I made this . . . "

Today I'd like to introduce one of my favourite online discoveries: 

The idea of "P.S. - I made this..." is simple. : "It's a call to action to
re-imagine, reuse & reinvent." 

You see it.
You like it.
You make it.

With London Fashion Week coming along, I am prepared and excited to pick up many new gorgeous trends for the coming year. The only problem... the empty, empty bank account of mine.

And that's exactly where this brilliant website always saves my day. 

About once a week Erica Domesk (founder, creator and author of “P.S. - I made this...”) introduces a new trend, which has been seen on catwalks,magazines and on the streets. 


She then presents a simple but genius way to re-create this look yourself. 

The instructions are easy, the outcome is beautiful and there's definitely something for everybody on her website.

There's not much more to say, apart from..see it, like it, make it.

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