Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Hot TIPS - Collar tips

When Balenciage introduced a modern version of the traditional western collar tips in their spring 2011 collection, I knew immediately that this was a trend to stay around. 
And I was right.
Showing off your collar-tips has never been so hot before as right now, the trend has lived and grown throughout the whole of 2011 and is still not planning to get off the hot-fashion-trends-list that soon.                                
Never before it was so easy to brighten up a simple button-up shirt with something as small as two little metal corners. Since the first appearance of my little heroes (Yes, I'm totally in love with all of them), many desingers, fashionistas and high-street chains have developed and published their own versions and interpretation of the collar tips.    


If you don't have money to splash out on fancy shirt collars, then just follow this wonderful DIY-ideafrom and you will be surprised how inexpensive brass corners from a hardware store can transform your boring button-up shirt into a fashionable eye-catcher.            

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