Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Shoe Trends Spring/Summer 2012

Check out the shoe trends Spring/Summer 2012 and clean out some space in your wardrobe!

1. Shining shoes
Along with shining clothing, shining shoes will be a hit for Spring/Summer 2012. Chose shining shoes to highlight your outfit.


2. Metallic toes
Metallic toes are generally used for practical purposes, but designers brought them to another level. Dare to be trendy with those glamorous but distinctive trendy shoes!


3. Pastel ColoursPastel colours are not only a trend for clothing in 2012, but also a widely spread favourite by designers. Even if nude may be the trendiest one, also wear colours such as light yellow, rosy, pale green or aqua. 

4. Transparent shoes
We've seen them already last year on the catwalks, but the transparent shoes seem to become more popular with the approaching season.

5.Bright colored Shoes
Even though pastel colours seem to be the most popular colour choice this season, bright coloured shoes are also appearing in the choice of footwear for the warm seasons.

6.Pointed toes
After several seasons when rounded toes dominated the catwalks, pointed toes are back in fashion. 

7. Mega platformsDespite the fact that these Lady Gaga type shoes are not very comfortable or feminine, the designers seem to love them. These shoes are not made for everyone, but combinded properly these shoes look incredibly glamorous. 

8. Lacing 
Lacing remains in the top list of fashion trends, they make all kinds of feet look good.
But careful, lacing boots are not longer on trends.

9. Braided sandalsFinally you can take your braided sandals out of your wardrobe again, as they are back in fashion. Keep your feet breathing in the favourite sandals trend for 2012. 


10.  Espadrilles and Wedges
Not as colourful as in Spring 2011 anymore, but still trendy. The Espadrills and Wedges stay popular this summer.

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