Thursday, 20 October 2011

The new Vintage blog

My name is Tanja, my wardrobe is almost as big as an H&M stockroom and my love for clothes is close to infinite.

In the following months I will take you on a journey through the decades of the past century. We will explore the origins of current trends, will find out why and how trends happen and will simply adore hundreds of amazing outfits worn during the 20th century.

I will present you some of the most influential fashion-designers, models and icons and meet the Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell of the 50s and 60s.

From time to time you'll get little insights into my holy wardrobe. I'll present you my favourite pieces and
outfits, and show you how to complete your vintage look with accessories and the right shoes.

I'll discover new shopping-hot-spots, dig throught car boot sales, teach you about fashion history,  find out who had the terrible idea for leg warmers and search the streets for vintage-style-queens.

So take a seat, and we'll take a trip down the memory lane!

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